🔥[ADVANCE] নয়ন কি পারবে জেসমিনের ষড়যন্ত্র ফাঁস করতে? | Trinayani | Zee Bangla

2 months ago

Please watch: “🔥[ADVANCE] মামই কি শ্যামা নাকি গল্পে ফিরবে শ্যামা? | Krishnakoli | Zee Bangla”

A woman who can see the future, and decides to work out her power in making other people’s lives better! Trinayani’ is one such story, built around the central theme of our protagonist Trinayani, getting visions from the past and future! At first, she is weary of her extraordinary ability, unsure of how to channelize the power in favour of her family and the people around her. However, over time, Trinayani learns to make best of her power, putting others before herself and trying to save those around her from impending danger. As Trinayani’s fame grows and people from all across the locality flock to know what the future holds for them. Will she ever realise how truly blessed she is?

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