Best Portable Air Conditioner Review

2 weeks ago

After testing the chilling power of four AC units over 100 hours, we’ve determined that the LG – 12,000 BTU is the best portable air conditioner.

You can see more details in our review here:

Our picks for the best portable AC unit:
1. LG: on Amazon – or on Home Depot –
2. Whynter:
3. Haier:
4. Honeywell:

When searching for a portable AC unit, you should consider its weight, noise emissions, warranty, cooling and moisture-removing capabilities and energy efficiency. You should also consider whether it has additional features like timers, remotes, or heating capabilities.

To test each AC unit, we measured average temperature change per minute in an office and great room and also took a decibel reading of each unit’s noise level. We compared each unit’s efficiency, weight and additional features.

After testing, we found that the LG – 12,000 BTU was powerful, efficient and quiet, making it the best portable air conditioner overall. You can see more details in our full review here:



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