Daily Live Probiotics TV Commercial (English Subtitles) • Ocean Health

2 months ago

Daily Live Probiotics is formulated as part of the Vivomixx family, comprising of the same 8 strains of clinically proven live bacteria to promote and protect daily wellness.

These 8 strains have been chosen not just for their specific individual characteristics but also for their synergistic activities. They work together as a close team to perform what single strain or other combinations of strains could not perform.

• Promotes healthy gut bacteria
• Enhances digestive health
• Strengthens immunity

Daily Live Probiotics has 10 billion LIVE bacteria!

Available for both adults and children*
(*Added with Vitamin B, D and Zinc in Kids formula)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OceanHealthPteLtd/
Website: https//www.oceanhealth.com/
Online Shop: https://www.oceanhealth.com/products/gut-health.html



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