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Jhargram is a popular weekend destination near kolkata.
Jhargram along with Belpahari, the Jangal Mahal tour can be done in 2night 3days.

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Places to visit in Jhargram :
Jhargram Raj Palace : Built in 1932, the old palace of Jhargram is popular for its structure. One may stay at palace. Room tariff varies from 3500-4000/day. Can be booked from http://www.jhargrampalace.com/

Kanak Durga Temple : A popular temple among the local people. This temple is situated inside the medicine jungle.

Dulung river: The only river of jhargram.

Chilkigarh Raj palace: Only 14km away from main town, this palace is popular for its structure.

Mini zoo: Jhargram mini zoo is situated inside a forest. The authority has kept neel gai, antilope, peafowl, hyna, elephant, crocodile in a nice manner. Entry fee 10/head only.

Places to visit in Belpahari :
Ghaghra waterfall : A scenic waterfall situated inside the jungle. This place is ideal for bathing.

Tarafeni Dam : This is a dam situated near ghaghra.

Gadrasini Hill : This is a small hill is famous for its temple. The view of jungle from the top is excellent.

Khandarani Dam : A beautiful place, situated inside a dense forest. This place is ideal for bird watcher. Migratory birds come here in every winter.

Laljal cave : A small cave situated just top of a small hill. There is a temple near cave.

Mayurjharna forest: This forest is a part of sutan and baro mile forest.

Food: Lots of eateries are there in Jhargram. Food price varies from 450-600/ head (Breakfast+lunch+Dinner)

Hotels : Lot of hotels are there in Jhargram
Price carries from 700-4500/night

Rajbari Guest House can be book from http://www.jhargrampalace.com/

Rajbari Tourist Complex is a good option can be book from

Forest cottage can be book from

Cost of total trip:
Around 3000-4000/head (2night/3days)

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